Take it to the Limit with McCall River Rafting

There is simply no better way to enjoy McCall River rafting trips than a perfect getaway excursion with your family.

It gets even better when you join hands with rafting guides to take you along with them on a rafting trip as their roots are in McCall? These guys have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge of Rivers they run, including the River, which is guaranteed to make your trip way more enjoyable and safer.

Besides, it is not just anyone who can guide a McCall rafting adventure down the exciting wilderness areas of the Salmon River successfully.

Whether it be another season, you need to ask yourself where is life taking you? Skilled outfitters such as Orange Torpedo Trips will see to it that you make the most of your memories this summer rather than look back and regret that you didn’t do all you can to take it to the limit with your rafting endeavors.

McCall whitewater rafting adventures will add the diversity and flavor you need to spice up your summer adventures. This way you are sure to recall all the fun times you spent with people you cared about. Where else will you get the opportunity of sharing an incredible rafting journey during the summer season?

You may remember gazing at the stars and the scrumptious riverside lunches and dinners that entailed listening to a tale or two as shared by the friendly McCall River guides.

How about that rush you experienced when you had the opportunity to raft a class III rapid where you fell out of the raft, but due to the timely intervention of the outfitters, you came out of the river again in no time.

Then, there are the digital images you captured of the bald head eagle. Oh how wonderful these good times are and sure is something you wouldn’t want to miss for the world

Whitewater rafting is regarded as one of the many outdoor sports that can entice one to come back every year for more of the same. After all, the great McCall is considered an adventure hub like no other. Over here, you get to enjoy a half day, full day and multi-day trips.

When is it Rafting Season in McCall?

The Northern Idaho rafting season runs from May through September. You can look forward to bigger rapids during the latter part of May and the early part of June. You will experience rapids during the summer months of July, August, and September once the weather is warmer.

McCall River Rafting Trips

The best choice concerning half and full day trips would be the Salmon River. Numerous whitewater excursions begin in Riggins, which is about an hour North of McCall.

The Salmon offers various rapids, ranging from Class II to IV. Half-day trips involve an 11-mile long trip while full day trips are 21 miles. Another option is a Class II rapid that consists of an 18-mile journey that runs all along the North Fork Payette River that begins from Sheeps Bridge and runs to Hartsell Bridge just outside McCall.

Guides Who Assist with Half and Full Day Trips Along the McCall River

Several outfitters service the greater area of the McCall and would offer trips on the Snake, Salmon, and Rogue rivers. Orange Torpedo Trips offer both half and full day trips. Those who engage in these trips can expect lunch that is properly prepared cooked by the river guides for half and full day trips.

What Must You Bring?

Whitewater River rafting adventurers need to ensure they wear comfortable and quick drying clothing. Sun protection is just as crucial when you are on the water for any amount of time. Also, do not forget your hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen protection. Then there is your windbreaker to safeguard you from the occasional chill and shoes or sandals that you require to secure your ankle.

Rafting the McCall is an experience worthy of your time, and something you should plan for to put your mind at ease during any stage of the rafting adventure.

Nothing comes close to describing the feeling you get from rafting the rapids in the sun-drenched waters and the opportunity to discover history through Native American pictographs and pioneer homesteads.