Let Portland SEO Experts Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

Optimizing your content for the search engines is an enormous task as it requires quality content to achieve good page rank with Google. Besides, the engines refine the algorithm to give people searching for information what they want.  Some online marketers make use of all sorts of SEO tricks and shortcuts in the hope of achieving success. Unfortunately, they get penalized in the long run. Going with reputed Portland SEO Agencies is a much better option as they know how to use underlying algorithms, so quality content gets rewarded by the search engines. Check SEO Portland by MM.


Google incorporates certain user metrics to help rank quality content. Knowing how they do it will assist businesses to create content that meets particular key performance indicators. It is important to keep Google’s methods in mind while focusing on the human side of things.


Moving Mountains Advisors sheds a bit of light on the kind of user metrics Google would consider for ranking well. Also, they share some steps you can take as business owner to optimize your site’s content so users who are searching for it may find it.


Know that Google will not give you a straight answer on how user metrics influences your ranking. It is evident that a little digging will clear matters up. Therefore, you need to make use of search engine optimization specialists in SEO Portland Oregon who also have a good reputation as online marketing professionals.

One of the employees at Google stated how user metrics have a strong impact on rankings. Many of their patents talk about user behavior as a ranking factor. In fact, they have a particular patent that is dedicated to modifying search result ranking that is based on user feedback.


It is evident that Google evaluates and rank content based on three primary user metrics, namely:


  1. Click-through rate (The number of times as particular search listing gets clicked versus the number of times it is displayed)
  2. Dwell time (How long those searching for your listing spend on the clicked-through result before going turning to other search results)
  3. Pogo-sticking (How regularly searchers click on the same search results as the result they go did not satisfy their needs).


Apparently, good performance concerning clicks and dwell time on any given web page may have an impact on how well your other pages perform.

What All this Means for Content Marketers

Having a better idea as to the kind of user metrics Google utilize to establish rankings enables Online Marketing professionals like Moving Mountains Advisors to optimize content to perform accordingly and in line with the given parameters, which allows organic rankings to rise as well.

Essentially, there are three ways to improve your content to achieve higher rankings – find pages that have a low click-through rate, work on developing the titles and descriptions, and implementing rich snippets where applicable (Google, by default, will only display a URL, title and description within the search results.

It is just as critical to increasing dwell time (The amount of time users spend on your website) and stop them from pogo-sticking (click away from your site to find something more relative)

Produce compelling content

In all cases, site owners need to ensure quality content takes top priority. It should live up to its promise concerning the optimized title and how useful it will be for your readers.

What makes content compelling?

According to well-known sources such as CMI research, content needs to be unique, trustworthy, and credible to engage readers. They need to sense that they can trust the information shared with them. Therefore, the necessary steps should be taken involving data, analysis, and referencing credible sources to enhance your credibility with your visitors. Furthermore, content should be done in such a way that it is transparent, clear and polished.

Other steps trusted SEO Agencies in Portland will take to optimize your site for speed and ease of use as well as encourage visitors to explore the site a bit more

Through enticing searchers to click-through on your page based on search results by Google and engaging them to remain there, you will boost your rankings and attract more readers. Content marketing and SEO are intertwined with one another so you can optimize for both users and the search engines. This is what Moving Mountains Advisors will help you achieve.