China PV Technology International Conference 2012 (CPTIC 2012)

Date: March 21-22, 2012
Venue: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

No.1388 Hua Mu Road Pudong, Shanghai, China, 201204

CPTIC 2012, one of the largest annual photovoltaic technology conferences in China, is organized by SEMI, co-organized by China Photovoltaic Industrial Alliance (CPIA). CPTIC 2012 will be held on March 21-22, 2012 in Shanghai, China, in conjunction with SOLARCON China / SEMICON China / FPD China 2012 exhibitions. It will have six symposia covering all the aspects of photovoltaic technology and manufacturing, business and policies.

CPTIC is based on the Solar Symposium of CSTIC which began in 2009. (http://www.semiconchina.org/article_2170_745.htm) The mission of the conference is to promote technical and business exchange on all photovoltaic industry including but not limited to, market, policy, power grid, technical roadmap, device, design, process, tooling, materials, and fundamental study between China and the rest of the world with a focus on industrial applications. CPTIC encourages IP enforcement in China and provides opportunities for parties who are interested in investing and collaboration in the photovoltaic industry in Asia, particularly in China.



– Symposium I. PV Policy and Market
• Green energy and environmental protection
• Solar power station, and grid connection
• Smart grid, micro-grid and off-grid application
• Policy analysis and trend on incentive scheme
• Market update by region, segmentation and technology
• Emerging markets outlook

– Symposium II. Silicon Materials Manufacturing
• Polysilicon materials production;
• Metallurgical , Siemens, fluidized bed processes;
• TCS production and purification
• Gas recycling and reuse, by-products;
• Process reactors and other equipments;
• UMG-Si (upgraded metallurgical-grade) silicon

– Symposium III. Crystalization and Wafer Processing
• Crystal growth methods and thermal field design;
• Crystalline, amorphous and mixed-phase structure;
• Doping and Impurity control;
• Wafer slicing, polishing, cleaning and new wafering technologies
• Etching, texturing, stress relief and cleaning
• Anti reflective coating, SiN, and new silicon materials

– Symposium IV. Solar Cell and Module Engineering
• Advanced solar cell process
• Higher efficiency solar cell structures
• Device fundamental and characterization
• Thin crystalline Si solar cells
• Crystalline Si bulk and surface passivation
• Light management for c-Si solar cells
• Module novel design and engineering

– Symposium V. Thin Film Technology and Reliability
• Solar module reliability (Crystalline, thin-film)
• Thin film deposition and characterization of absorber layer
• Transparent conductors, buffer layers, and back contacts
• Device properties and modeling/characterization
• Novel and emerging materials using thin film
• Advanced processes and controls
• Manufacturing: process controls, performance, interconnect

– Symposium VI. Emerging Technologies for Solar (lists below for your reference only)
• Advanced novel PV concepts to permanently close the gap with grid parity;
• Futuristic PV technological topic;
• New PV module design and process technologies to improve efficiency and/or mitigate silicon thickness scaling challenges
• Emerging novel materials for PV applications, such as organic, quantum dots, thin films, silicon cell etc;
• Advanced solar cell device physics and thin film transistors
• Advanced high efficiency OPV material, design, and processing technologies;
• Advanced selective emitter, contact design, surface passivation techniques, and processing for crystalline silicon cell;