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Create a Standout Impression in Your Home Using Modern Ceiling Fans

No matter where your guests decide to settle in your home, they will notice your unique modern ceiling fans. You need to ensure they stand out.

Ceiling fans should create interest among your visitors and not annoy anyone in the process with a lot of noise. How is it even possible to put a new spark in a humble ceiling fan?

It is a case of combining elegance, quality engineering, and materials.

You may have noticed a definite improvement in motor control technology due to the introduction of energy efficient direct current DC ceiling fan. After all, DC is so much easier to take control of than AC (Alternating Current). Besides, AC ceiling fan control provide one with just 3 speeds, and some models offer a reverse function as well.

Thanks to advanced technology you will come across fans that offer variable speed that can be controlled by a universal remote such as the VC1GS controller, which is specially designed for AC  fans. This remote will be compatible with most of the leading brands and offer one with a range of handy features such as Timer, Delay, and Sleep functions.

You can save energy by using lower speeds during the night as the Sleep mode would slowly but surely reduce the rate by one percent every 8 minutes until it reaches a point where it has 50 percent capacity of the starting speed.

What you can also do is to leave your windows open at night to ensure the room cools down. By just pressing the switch on your fan to reverse mode, you will ensure the trapped hot air from the top room spirals down to the window level to allow for a quicker cooling down. The hot air that rises upwards will get caught by the ceiling which one can merely reverse by making use of the reverse setting that would pull the trapped air down so it may exit the open window.

Some of the more modern units are easy to fit and proves to be of great value when a fan gives in. Often, all you need to do is swap out your existing receiver that is embedded in the fan canopy for a new one that comes with a fan kit.

Your handset would have a separate on/off switch for the light. There are also 8 preset fan speeds along with a reverse setting that comes with most ceiling fan models which you would simply operate from your remote handset.

So what makes a ceiling fan so unique?

  • Elegant dimensions
  • Contemporary design
  • Excellent performance concerning air movement and energy efficiency.
  • Integrated lighting solutions
  • Factory balancing
  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient and friendly before and after sales service

Features and Benefits of Modern Fans

There are several benefits to adding a ceiling fan to your home decor that goes beyond just cooling your room. It also reduces energy expenses and adds character.

Let’s consider the top seven benefits of having a modern fan installed in your home, which improves form and function as well.

  1. Modern fans ensure your room feels cooler while it lowers your electric bill by as much as 40 percent.
  2. Fans lower energy costs.
  3. They are a style drive commodity.
  4. Fans are made available in a range of styles, sizes, and finishes to compliment any interiors.
  5. Ceiling fans are more than just functional as they also serve to be a focal point.
  6. They contribute to making your surrounding environmentally-friendly.
  7. Modern fans are incredibly versatile.

Whether it be for use in your bedroom, living area, kitchen, or screened-in porch, ceiling fans will save a lot of energy.

Quiet Operation

Traditional fans produced a lot of noise as there were various moving parts and electric motors involved. However, with modern-day ceiling fans, a lot has been done to minimize noise. Engineers reduced mechanical and electrical noise by using high-quality motors and bearings.

Service and Support

Modern Fan encourages you to contact them on 541.482.8545 to discuss all your ceiling fan requirements. Besides, ceiling fan experts focus on quality and work along with other experts such as designers, experts, insurance companies, to ensure your home is adorned with the best modern fans to buy unique parts & accessories around.